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Name FUTAMURA Shusaku

Name of contest, recital or exhibit

Straight Play " AJIA NO NNA"

Month/year in which the event was held (Start)




Month/year in which the event was held (End)


Details of the presentation

Scenic design for "AJIA NO ONNA"

Event participated, type of participant


Name of sponsor organization

New National Theatre Tokyo


Directo: Keishi Nagatsuka Scenic Designer: Shusaku Futamura

Type of work

Artistic Activity

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Award / record

Grand Prize the Yomiuri Theatre Grand Prize Best Stuff Award.


平成18年度 文化庁芸術協賛公演
芸術監督: 栗山民也
【出演】 長塚圭史(作・演出) 富田靖子 近藤芳正 菅原永二 峯村リエ 岩松 了